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2017 Alabama Turkey Hunting Pinsons Primary Pasture Parrot

“With rain in the forecast you can bet that Cameron will be hunting in a field. Watch as James takes his first long beard.” 1.25 in spurs 11 in beard

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Turkey Hunting 2017 Youth Opening Day Double – Dusty Lane Outdoors

Youth Turkey Hunting Opening Day Double, Lane Workman and His Dad were Hunting in Kansas when this exciting Turkey Hunt turns into a double for the 11 Year old Turkey Slayer.

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2016 Turkey Season

Turkey hunting is one of our favorite times of the year and 2016 did not disappoint! On this episode you will see two youth hunters get their very first birds, Mitch Satterfield kills a bird on a foggy morning and finally, James (Grandpa) Satterfield enjoys a spring morning with his son and grandson that they …Read more »

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Carteret County Gobbler meets a 7 year old “Turkey Thug”

“Boo Bug” let his 20ga Remington 1100 talk for him that morning. I will say that if you have a small framed kid who loves to hunt then the Field Pod is a great tool for them….. The stand under the B-Mobile is a custom job I did so he wouldn’t blow over in high …Read more »

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Squirrel Hunting at Millwood Hunting Club with Allison White

Squirrel Hunting at Millwood Hunting Club with Allison White

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Turkey Hunting | Youth Smackdown on Long beard

Taking a youth hunting will teach you a lot about the outdoors and life as well. Hope yall enjoy.

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2016 Spring Turkey Hunt

TKZ’s Don Corey bags his 2016 Gobbler. This was a long hunt where persistence pays off with a great impact shot caught on camera!

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SC2 Outdoors Spring Turkey 03252017 Hunt

Shelley of SC2 Outdoors, gets an opportunity to get behind the gun for the opener of the 2017 California Spring Turkey Season. It was an awesome hunt on this long spurred Old Tom. We’ve condensed the hunt which took place on a leased private ranch in Shasta County, California, to approximately 8 minutes this wary …Read more »

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2017 Nebraska Traditional Archery Turkey Hunt

2017 Nebraska spring turkey season opening weekend. My first bird with traditional archery. Hoyt Buffalo Fred Eichler Signature Series recurve bow. DSD and Dakota Extreme decoys.