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Cabela’s Whitetail Season: Public Land Success | Cabela’s Deer Nation

On this episode of Cabela’s Whitetail Season, both Aaron Warbritton and Brett Joy hunt public land in search of giant whitetail deer. Watch as Aaron and Brett use their compound bows to take those deer down. See more awesome deer hunting footage when you visit Cabela’s Deer Nation at:…

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Deer Hunting – 300 lbs. Illinois 8 Year Old Whitetail “Oscar”: The Management Advantage

The deer hunting that takes place on the Shoopman family farm has special meaning just as any other “family” farm. The management and care that has taken place since Grandpa Shoopman passed away has turned the piece of property into a whitetail hotspot. It’s a property that successes are measured in attracting and holding mature …Read more »

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9 yr old boy kills GIANT OHIO BUCK w/ BOW! (JADEN SMITH)

can’t believe this 9 yr old killed this giant buck! using a crossbow only because he can’t pull 40 lbs just yet. Jimmy smith (the dad) is one of the best hunters I’ve ever met. so it doesn’t surprise me entirely that his sin gets a chance at a monster but who would have thought …Read more »

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Wilcox Video Milky Way Farms

Wilcox Video Milky Way Farms

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Tommy Wilcox Outdoors hunting at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch

Watch as the Wilcox crew hunt beautiful bucks at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch. For your hunt of a lifetime contact us at 715-546-8289