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04 : 44
9 yr old boy kills GIANT OHIO BUCK w/ BOW! (JADEN SMITH)

can’t believe this 9 yr old killed this giant buck! using a crossbow only because he can’t pull 40 lbs just yet. Jimmy smith (the dad) is one of the best hunters I’ve ever met. so it doesn’t surprise me entirely that his sin gets a chance at a monster but who would have thought …Read more »

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WIFE SHOOTS HUGE GOBBLER in the FACE W/ BOW!! first turkey ever

Sarahs never been turkey hunting before and instead of taking a gun she wanted to shoot her first one with a bow! she was hunting with a bowtec carbon rose 44 lbs and using magnus bull heads! shoots it right in the head!

03 : 29
Spring Gobbler Hunting Virginia Can’t Stop The Flop

A hunt from the last week of the Virginia 2016 Spring gobbler season.

04 : 57
Tennessee Spring Turkey Hunt

Middle TN turkey hunt with a good buddy of mine. First time getting one on film so sorry for the shaky footage.

10 : 26
“Opening Day Bow Kill” Georgia Turkey Hunting The Turkeyologists 2017

Watch as Corey takes and opening day gobbler with his bow!

12 : 05
Youth Turkey Hunt With Kidz Outdoors

The Dominator 365 team makes some turkey hunting dreams come true during a Kidz Outdoors hunt. Phillip Vanderpool works his magic on several longbeards and the kids show they’ve got what it takes to finish the job.

02 : 16
GREAT VIDEO! Ohio turkey hunting opener 2016

Turkey hunting Ohio. Tom gets taken with a shotgun

12 : 17
Turkey Hunting: Bow/Gun Tag Team Nebraska Turkey Hunt Plus A Frosty Gobbler In Missouri

From Watch this week as the Pro-Staff husband/wife team of Heath and Lindsey tag team a do-it-yourself Nebraska public land turkey hunt to get two birds down. Heath puts his new Prime Impact Bow to the test and drops a very nice bird! Then on the next morning’s set-up Lindsey takes aim and gets …Read more »

08 : 06
CITW 2014 E11 “Penned up Gobbler” Georgia Turkey Hunting

Watch this Eastern longbeard turkey get called through a barbed wire fence