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06 : 39
Roosted is Roasted – Georgia Turkey Hunt

Garrett Peeples, Will Goodman, and Garrett Yates sit back and watch this beautiful Georgia Longbeard walk right in their lap on a cool morning in late March 2016.

06 : 01
Missouri 2016 turkey hunt: Cedar Thicket

2016 Youth turkey hunt. Filmed in Franklin county Mo.

05 : 02
The Best Indiana Turkey Hunt Ever! 4 Toms down!

4 guys in 2 primos double bull blinds shoot 4 long beards in Indiana.

03 : 08
Turkey hunting with bows double head shot

Ahead of the Game Outdoors’ staff and brothers Drew and Shawn Szepietowski with a double bow kill while hunting Ohio’s 2014 turkey season. Here are two toms killed with the magnus bullhead at 7 yards away! For more, LIKE US on Facebook, and Instagram. @ahead_of_thegame

03 : 55
Rozanne Patten’s Alabama Turkey Hunt Spring 2014

First kill of the Spring 2014 turkey season.

03 : 35
Richard and Roz at Paul’s 2015

Richard Dunkin and Rozanne Patten of Strutt’n 360 Hunt at Paul Schulze’s farm in West Tennessee on May 9th, 2015. Richard takes this nice tom while Roz films the hunt and Paul films the specialty shots and edits the video.

07 : 36
Late Season PA Turkey Hunt

See field staffer AJ Johnson and Kyle chasing some late season Pennsylvania longbeard.

05 : 30
Strut South’s own Justin Addison going solo against a lonely Gobbling Tom.

Here is a hunt from last spring. Strut South’s own Justin Addison going solo against a lonely Gobbling Tom.

06 : 09
2017 Youth Osceola hunt.

Opening morning of youth season in South Florida. Continuing a three season tradition of harvesting a gobbler on opening day.