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Turkey Hunting 2017 Youth Opening Day Double – Dusty Lane Outdoors

Youth Turkey Hunting Opening Day Double, Lane Workman and His Dad were Hunting in Kansas when this exciting Turkey Hunt turns into a double for the 11 Year old Turkey Slayer.

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Squirrel Hunting at Millwood Hunting Club with Allison White

Squirrel Hunting at Millwood Hunting Club with Allison White

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SC2 Outdoors Spring Turkey 03252017 Hunt

Shelley of SC2 Outdoors, gets an opportunity to get behind the gun for the opener of the 2017 California Spring Turkey Season. It was an awesome hunt on this long spurred Old Tom. We’ve condensed the hunt which took place on a leased private ranch in Shasta County, California, to approximately 8 minutes this wary …Read more »

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Tommy Wilcox Outdoors Turkey Hunting Pell City and Fayette

Hunting with Tommy Wilcox and Donny MaCaa in Alabama.

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Episode IX. Spring Turkey Hunting

Dave & Phil Stallard head to the state of Ohio after some state-land Gobblers.

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Challenging Public Land Self Filmed Turkey Hunt / Real Outdoors TV

Watch as Real Outdoors TV host Matt Wettish takes on the ultimate challenge of hunting public land for hard hunted call shy gobblers, while he totes along a camera to try and capture the events as they play out. The end result is a huge mature gobbler that falls victim to a well played game.

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“Opening Day Bow Kill” Georgia Turkey Hunting The Turkeyologists 2017

Watch as Corey takes and opening day gobbler with his bow!

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Youth Turkey Hunt With Kidz Outdoors

The Dominator 365 team makes some turkey hunting dreams come true during a Kidz Outdoors hunt. Phillip Vanderpool works his magic on several longbeards and the kids show they’ve got what it takes to finish the job.

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CITW 2014 E11 “Penned up Gobbler” Georgia Turkey Hunting

Watch this Eastern longbeard turkey get called through a barbed wire fence