Turkey Hunting

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06 : 09
2014 Ky. Youth Turkey Hunt

08 : 12
Jades first turkey hunt

Turkey Hunting in Washington with Chad Berry

Join Chad Berry as he bow hunts for wild turkey in his home state of Washington!

26 : 56
Tommy Wilcox Outdoors Turkey Hunting Pell City and Fayette

Hunting with Tommy Wilcox and Donny MaCaa in Alabama.

06 : 39
Roosted is Roasted – Georgia Turkey Hunt

Garrett Peeples, Will Goodman, and Garrett Yates sit back and watch this beautiful Georgia Longbeard walk right in their lap on a cool morning in late March 2016.

04 : 35
Rehab Field Turkey Hunt Kemper County, MS…

Watch as a old longbeard comes across a field looking for love but ends in a stand off with a DSD decoy!

05 : 54

Easter morning turkey hunt in Brooksville, MS…

08 : 04
Turkey hunting – Tennessee – Gobbling – druming

You will want to plug your head set in on this video guys! You can hear this bird drumming from over 100 yards away! Awesome early morning hunt!

08 : 03
Madison County, MS Turkey Hunt

Exciting turkey hunt along the Big Black River in Madison County, Mississippi.